Founded by a Physician Associate working in the NHS & an Entrepreneur working in the public sector, Matrix Education is the first company in the UK tailored and personalised to physician associate learning. 

Matrix aims to provide learning opportunities, personalised tutoring, resources and education for physician associates


Meet the Team


Ms Sofia Mughal PA-R


Sofia graduated in January 2018 from the University of Birmingham in Physician Associate studies following her Bachelors in Human Biosciences. She is currently a qualified physician associate working in general practice and urgent care with a special interest in minor surgery and medical education. As co-founder of Matrix Education, her true passion lies within teaching and providing opportunities for physician associate students to learn, practise and expand their skillset. Outside of medicine she is known to excel in photography.


Mr Aaron Hiramatsu BSc


Aaron graduated in May 2016 with a degree in Business Management. He is motivated by making revision and learning more efficient and easier for healthcare professionals. With his interest in Application development he began on the venture of creating the Matrix Mobile Application in January 2018 and is first point of call in all app-related queries and refinement. In addition, Aaron manages all aspects of Matrix’s promotion, customer support, finances and operations. Outside of Matrix he is an advocate for health and fitness.


Dr Simon Caplan MBBS, MRCG


Dr Caplan is a highly experienced professional who is a senior partner in general practice. He is a governing body member of the Haringey Clinical Commissioning Group for North-East Haringey and the Lead GP for North Middlesex University Hospital for the CCG. Dr Caplan is also a chair of the CCG Medicines Optimisation Committee. In addition, he is the Revalidation Lead GP for Barnet and a clinical governance committee member for Jewish Care.


Dr Faisal Siddiqui MBBS, BSc

Clinical Content Creator

Faisal is a newly qualified doctor who graduated with distinction from St. George’s University of London, where he also completed an intercalated BSc. Aside from work, he has a keen interest in medical education and quality improvement and is an avid traveller.


Mr Zeeshan Mahmood PA-R

Clinical Content Creator

Zeeshan is a qualified Physician Associate graduated from the Physician Associate masters degree at the University of Worcester. Coming from a background in sports & exercise science, his main interest includes sport medicine. Outside of this, he has a very keen interest in technology and how this can be implemented into everyday life.


Ms Rebecca Kay PA-R

Clinical Content Creator

Rebecca is a qualified Physician Associate who graduated in November 2018. She completed her undergraduate studies in Biomedical Science before taking a year out to volunteer on international healthcare projects. It was during these projects she realised that she wanted a career that involved direct contact with patients. She currently works on the Acute Medical Unit as part of the Frailty team. In addition to healthcare, she is also passionate about strength training and regularly competes in powerlifting.


Ms Sana’a Zabir PA-R

Clinical Content Creator

Sana'a is a qualified Physician Associate who graduated from the University of  Worcester with a Masters degree. She is currently working in a GP practice three days a week and within an A&E department the two remaining days. Outside of medicine, she has worked within the makeup artistry area for many years and still occasionally partakes in freelance work.


Ms Henna Amin MSc

Clinical Content Creator

Henna is a qualified Physician Associate who completed her MSc at the University of Worcester in 2018. She previously undertook an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science whilst working as a healthcare assistant. Alongside her interest to work in acute and emergency medicine, she also has a passion in dance and performance.


Ms Bethany Bremner PA-R

Clinical Content Creator

Bethany is a physician associate graduated from Birmingham University in 2018 following an undergraduate degree in biomedicine from Cardiff University. She is the 3rd generation of healthcare professionals in her family and practically grew up chewing the stethoscope. Working in the heart of rural Wales she is all about General Practice and the pursuit of making complex ideas simple to understand.


Mr Lawrence Fafowora PA-R

Clinical Content Creator

Lawrence qualified as a Physician Associate in 2018. His first degree was in Biomedical sciences and spent the 3 years after his degree working in NHS microbiology and a blood sciences laboratory as a biomedical scientist. It was while working as a biomedical scientist that he longed for more patient involvement in a medical capacity. He currently works in the Acute Medical Unit as part of the urgent care team. His interest lies in travelling and bowling.


Ms Thayba Ali BSc

Pre-Physician Associate Student Lead

Thayba is a physician associate graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2019 after completing an undergraduate degree in Medical Science from the University of Birmingham. She has a passion and drive for business and teaching, with seven years of tutoring experience with children and adults from all walks of life. She enjoys reading thoroughly, taking an interest in current affairs, meeting new people and growing as an individual.