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A valuable course that enables you to gain confidence in preparation for the OSCEs. Having ACE trainers was invaluable in improving clinical skills. Finally it is good to find a course which is run by a PA!
— Wendy Kirtley, 2nd Year Physician Associate Student
Very relevant and tailored for Physician Associates. I definitely learnt a lot of techniques for the Nationals. Excellent revision session. Highly recommend it. Definitely worth it. You get professional ACEs to practice examination and communication stations.
— Binta Jalloh, 2nd year Physician Associate Student

Our Blueprint

Consultation Skills

· Focussed history taking

· Information giving 

· Motivational interviewing

· Shared decision making 

· Breaking Bad news

· Dealing with conflict

· Telephone communication

Examination Skills

· Vital Signs /EWS Score

· Cardiovascular examination

· Ear examination

· Respiratory examination

· Abdominal examination

· Thyroid examination

· Musculoskeletal examinations  - Spine, Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Wrist

· Upper & Lower Limb Neurology examinations 

· Diabetic Foot examination

· Cranial nerve examination

Emergency Management

· Basic Life Support

· BLS in childhood/chocking

· Intermediate Life support 

· Airway management including applying oxygen and nebulisers

· ABCDE approach to a sick patient

· Initial seizure management

· Recognition and reversal of overdose e.g. opiates

· Sepsis management

· Fluid resuscitation

Procedural skills

· Urinalysis and interpretation

· IM injection/ SC injection

· Venipuncture

· Cannulation (dependent on availability)

· Performing an ECG (dependent on availability)

· Peak flow 

· Arterial blood gas sampling (dependent on availability)

· Capillary blood glucose

· Suturing & Wound care 

In Addition:

  • Practise with Associate Clinical Educators (professionals who have been trained specifically to help PAs improve their OSCE performance)

  • Teaching from Qualified Physician Associates who have sat and passed the FPA national examinations

  • Timed testing and feedback to assess and improve your weaknesses

  • Limited spaces per course to maximise each individuals experience & quality of practise

  • Tips & Tricks that you may not be taught at your university program

  • Getting rid of common mistakes & things that do not work - important to remember for re-sitters

  • All content from the course including tailor made mark schemes for a multitude of OSCE stations



2019 Dates


Birmingham  4th - 5th May SOLD OUT

London    18th - 19th May SOLD OUT


Birmingham 7th - 8th September

London 21st - 22nd September

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