“Fantastic weekend of practising osce skills including history taking, communications, and clinical examinations with Sofia and experienced associate clinical educators Mark and Bob” 

Charles Watson / 2nd Year Physician Associate Student



“Absolutely brilliant 2 day course! Matrix covers every aspect of the national examination OSCEs with great resources to practice all the right techniques with equipment and mannequins. There are courses out there however none are as tailored specifically for Physician Associates
Having a PA leading the course, telling us their own personal experiences and what they learnt from their own mistakes is such an invaluable experience.
There is also the unique aspect of having the privilege of ACEs to help thoroughly run through examination techniques as well as provide tips from their extensive experience. This course provided a great way to put knowledge into practice, refresh skills and boost confidence coming up to the national examinations, I would highly recommend it for anyone sitting the national exam OSCEs!”

Henna Amin / 2nd Year Physician Associate Student



“A valuable course that enables you to gain confidence in preparation for the OSCEs. Having Ace trainers was invaluable in improving clinical skills.
Finally it is good to find a course which is run by a PA”

Wendy Kirtley / 2nd Year Physician Associate Student



“Attended the two day OSCE course which was so useful and helpful! The course gave a good insight into the national exam and made us feel more confident. The course was well structured and very informative. We were given lots of scenarios to practice and gained feedback which was useful. We also practised physical examinations with the aid of ACE’s under timed conditions and received feedback. Sofia was inspirational and so helpful, she worked hard to cover everything in a short space of time and gave good feedback. She also made us feel at ease and was very encouraging. Sofia covered lots of history taking stations, hard scenarios, physical examinations, emergency stations and we practised loads. I would definitely recommend this course for final year physician associate students who are preparing to sit the national exams- it’s a must! “

Nour Chehade / 2nd Year Physician Associate Student



“My favourite parts of the course: Having a PA that's gone through the nationals giving advice on how to cope with nerves etc, Having associate clinical educators, Lots of tips from other PAs, Friendly team and relaxing environment, Useful tips and additional resources & Useful feedback on practice OSCEs to help us improve”

Fahmida Choudhury / 2nd Year Physician Associate Student



“The Matrix education 2-day course was really good! Despite having just started my first year on the course, I got a real sense of what’s yet to come.
It’s so nice being thought from an actual qualified PA who’s done the exam and knows exactly what you might expect in the real exam. Sofia’s story is so inspiring! She made us all feel quite at home and is so approachable, able to answer any questions you might have, but also ready to give feedback there and then. Considering this was my first time booking myself into a course, the actual price is a lot cheaper than what you might find anywhere else, which I normally find so off putting. I‘d definitely recommend the course to all my peers. I’m also very excited about the App launch, hopefully this will be quite handy by the time I sit the nationals. Again, thank you so much to Sofia and Aaron for all your help tips and advice! Hopefully will see you guys again very soon!!”

Aleruchi Okachi / 1st Year Physician Associate Student



“Sofia is truly inspirational (as cringy as it sounds) because she retook National OSCE examinations more than once and she told us her experience to help us pass. Her reason for starting this course is to help PA students from feeling incompetent and struggling. She made fantastic mark schemes to look out for small marks we might miss. She tailored the sessions to what we want to learn, so it was not boring at all. She went through ways to approach different types of OSCE stations so we feel more confident when you don’t know what to expect. Best part was that they had two associate clinical educators come in to recreate communication and practical OSCE stations. Where they will give you feedback in a patient's perspective and how to improve. I have been on other courses but Sofia discusses about how to overcome National exams emotionally. She has been very supportive and friendly. I would definitely recommend this course to all PAs”

Sharon Lam / 2nd Year Physician Associate Student